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After working as a Parkinson's Local Advisor for 13 years, Kevin became concerned that current support for people living with Parkinson's was starting to lose its human touch, as it was quickly becoming almost exclusively online and telephone support. Knowing well the limitations of online and telephone support, particularly for people living with Parkinson's, he founded Face2Face Parkinson's with Nic and Katherine who share the passion and always go the extra mile, or ten.





I had always admired those who had left the relative security of the corporate world and relying on their own ability, set up their own business. When Kevin called to suggest the setting up of a business to provide support to people living with Parkinson's it was a perfect opportunity to accept the challenge. I have been fairly heavily involved with PD activities since before I took early retirement, and knew Kevin well, benefitting personally from his advice. His contribution to the quality of life of people living with Parkinson's locally has been immense and I believe that the service he can offer is vital to the people of BNSSG and must be retained.



Honorary Director

I have been a Parkinson’s nurse specialist since 2003, and started to work with Kevin in 2006 when he joined PUK. We have worked together on numerous joint events over the years and I have valued his commitment, knowledge and professionalism. I am very happy to endorse his work creating Face2Face Parkinson’s as I know he is passionate about supporting people with Parkinson’s.




I am the person who accounts, calculates and computates. Though I am slowly learning more about Parkinsons, I feel a real sense of care and knowledge from F2FP. In contrast to others, they are keeping things 'old school' and simple. I am so excited to see F2FP grow and become even better!

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Business advisor

When I witnessed the great work that Kevin and his team were doing, I wanted to do what I could to help them develop their organisation.  I have extensive experience of managing a growing organisation and providing business strategy consultancy.  I am also an experienced personal coach, have worked with school pupils to develop their business skills and have been Chairman of a charity for several years.  I am now working voluntarily with Face2Face Parkinson's to help them to maximise their potential and  deliver their services to as many people as possible.


Membership Secretary

 I had seen and heard the passion and commitment from Kevin and his friends and colleagues and didn’t hesitate to support the project. I am delighted to be involved with Face2Face Parkinson’s C.I.C. and proud that my suggestion for the company name was chosen; after all, it does what it says, provides vital and insightful support to people Face2Face. 

 My own interest in Parkinson’s grew, and I am very happy to be the Membership Secretary of a company that has such a passion for the work they carry out .

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