Non-Profit Community Interest Company

Face2Face Parkinson's was officially registered as a CIC in July 2020, but its process began in 2019 after Kevin Carter, the founder and director, took his redundancy from Parkinson's UK following 13 years of working as a Parkinson's Local Advisor in Bristol.

His work during this time comprised of home visits and drop-in clinics at the Bristol branch. However, the provision of support was changing so that face-to-face support was being withdrawn almost completely, in favour of telephone and online support.

With the relationships he had built with many people with Parkinson's, Kevin knew that many people with Parkinson's, young and old, find it difficult to use the phone or internet due to several reasons, including anxiety, physical symptoms of Parkinson's disease, accessibility, and availability. This was reflected in a survery at the Bristol branch, where 96% indicated that they prefer face-to-face support than telephone or online services.

Face2Face Parkinson's is a community interest company, which means it is not for profit. There are no salaries taken and it is driven by people living with Parkinson's, carers, and people working with Parkinson's.

The goal is to build the company through acquiring a large membership so that the company is steered by the people that the company has been set up to support.

Other goals include education and training to anyone working with Parkinson's with a particular interest in offering the above and ongoing support to care staff and agencies. This would help to reduce the anxiety for someone with Parkinson's, their relatives, or carers when seeking and selecting home care.

When funding is strong enough, making home visits free will be one of the first priorities.

In the more distant future, perhaps there will be a Face2Face Parkinson's space for a charity shop combined with a meeting area and cafe, alongside the drop-in clinic.

If you have already used our services and feel that you benefited, please consider donating to us to ensure that our services can keep going and expand to include those we've mentioned above.