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The following items have been specially selected by us as they are excellent aids for daily activities for those living with Parkinson's.

We try to have most of these items available for sale at the Support group meetings.  If you want to order an item for collection please use the "Contact Us" page to send us a message.  

Wrist wipes.jpg
Wrist bands

A discreet way to deal those annoying dribbles. High quality absorbent wrist bands which are perfect for dealing with those annoying dribbles. One is usually worn and exchanged for washing. Tried and tested by people with Parkinson’s. Price is for a pair.

Price:     £4:00
Swivel cusion for car seat

The cushion sits on top of the car seat.  When you get in or out of a vehicle the cushion helps you to turn your body making getting in and out far easier.
Breathable, portable and washable

Price:     £16:00
Wireless door chime.jpg
Wireless door chime

A simple but brilliant solution for someone who looks after anyone with Parkinson’s. Instead of leaving what you are doing to check on someone every few minutes, simply give the cared for person the button press and you take the chime. Then you can engage with your hobbies, interests or everyday activities knowing that if you are needed, they can ring the bell.
Warning! Only give the button to someone who will use it safely and fairly!

Price:     £9:50
Weekly pill box.jpg
Coloured Weekly Pill Box

Individual compartments for 7 days and 4 times per day.

Removable individual daily pill strips with cover for each case.  Great for travelling and storing medicine.


Price:     £4:00
am and pm pill box.jpg
 7 day tablet holder

Compact 7 day tablet holder
am and pm compartments for each day
Perfect for use when travelling

Price:     £3:00
Boot puller.jpg
Shoe and boot remover

A clever device which makes it much easier to remove shoes and boots. 
Place one foot on the front of the device and then put the heel of the other shoe into the grabbing section.  Simply lift the foot out of the shoe.  

Price:     £9:00
Toilet kit

A kit designed to ease fears around finding a loo especially for those with urinary urgency and frequency.
A guide on peeing less, a Radar key for accessing a UK wide network of disability friendly loos, an emergency unisex toilet bag which contains absorbant granuals so no spills, moist and flushable wipes and a discreet bag for waste. There is also a double sided card asking for permission to use the toilet, with the reverse explain a little about Parkinson’s, a card displaying a link to a toilet-finder website.  All a nice compact pouch which can fit into pockets, bags, glove boxes etc.

Price:     £8:90
Jar opener.jpg
Jar and Bottle opener

Tool for making it easier to unscrew tight jar and bottle tops.

Price:     £4:00
Motion sensor light.jpg
Motion sensing night light

A stylish motion sensor light with bright, energy efficient LEDs. The light automatically activates when motion is detected up to 3 metres away. 
It is quick and easy to install this battery powered light without screws.
Perfect for people who need to keep their hand free for support and not be groping around for the switch.
Less likely to wake your partner as light can be where its needed.  Can be used in a series to help point the way - e.g. bedroom to bathroom.

Price:     £6:50
Tin ring opener.jpg
Tin ring pull opener

Tool for easily opening tin can tops which have ring pulls.

Price:     £4:00
Step up.jpg
Non-slip half step

Great for use around the home and garden. 
Reduces the height of steps and doorsteps.
Non slip surface provides added security for use in places such as the bathroom or outdoors.
Supports up to 150KG.
Size approx. H10cm, W50cm, D40cm

Price:     £22:00
Non-Slip tray

Non-slip surface on both sides
Made of robust food-safe plastic
2 good sized handles for easy grip
Sixe approx. 45cm  x 31.5cm

Price:     £6:00
Jar opener 2.jpg
Screw-top jar opener

Hand tool for making it easier to open tight screw-top jars

Price:     £4:00
Grab stick.jpg
Reacher / grabber

Lightweight reacher which makes it much easier to pick up or grab distant objects. 

Price:     £3:00
Pill cutter.jpg
Pill cutter and storage box

Storage box for tablets with built-in stainless cutting blade.  Allows tablets than can be cut to be done so accurately.

Price:     £4:50
Shoe helpers.jpg
Clip-on shoe horns (pair)

Fit the shoe horns onto the backs of the shoes and then much more easily slide your feet in.

Price:     £4:50
Radar key.jpg
Radar toilet key

Key for Radar locks which are fitted to most public disabled toilets.  The use of this type of lock ensures that only appropriate people with the keys are able to use the facilities.

Price:     £3:00
Pill box with alarm.jpg
Pill box with alarm

Tablet storage box with built-in timer and alarm to ensure that medicine is taken at the right times.  Ideal for taking out away from the home.

Price:     £5:00
Pill remover.jpg
Pill popper

Handy device for easily removing tablets from their packaging.

Price:     £4:00
Assistance badges.jpg
Assistance badges

A double sided lanyard with one side of the badge identifying the wearer as having Parkinson's and requests patience due to possible symptoms.  The other asks for permission to use the toilet facilities.

Price:     £4:50
Shoe horn.jpg
Extendable shoe horn

Extendable shoe horn which makes it much easier to put shoes on without having to bend down.

Price:     £4:00
Morlen 2_edited_edited.png
Tee shirt

Show your support for our efforts by wearing one of our striking Tee shirts.

Price:     £12:00  
Members £8:50
Morlen 2_edited_edited.png

A stylish cap which helps to publicise our organisation and demonstrates your support.

Price:     £6:50
Members £5:00
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