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Our Services - how we can help you

We provide confidential support and information to anyone living with Parkinson's or Parkinsonisms, including family, friends, and carers.  Support can be given via our Support Groups, drop-in sessions or at your home if you are unable to get to our these.

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Support after diagnosis

Being told that you have Parkinson's can be a traumatic event.  All too frequently, people are given such a diagnosis with little or no help in understanding what this means for them or where they find support.  At Face2face Parkinson's we have seen the impact a new diagnosis can have and appreciate that it is different for everyone.  We endeavour to meet clients very soon after, if not at the point of diagnosis, when we can offer an insight to the condition and empower people to best manage living with the condition.  Our clients have told us that having our support at this stage is essential.

Emotional support

We completely understand the emotional impact of living with a lifelong condition, not only for the person living with it but also for the family and carers. We provide confidential and non-judgmental support to help with these difficult challenges.  As part of these discussions we will recommend any other specialits who we belive may be able to provide additional support. 

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Parkinson's brings with it the need to access medical specialists and other service as well as benefits and possibly tribunals.  Unfortunately, the sheer presence of Parkinson's makes these interactions far more challenging.  We are able to represent our clients and move these things forward on their behalf whilst providing support and taking the pressure away from them.

Social needs

We belive that it is very important for those affected by Parkinson's to interact socially.  We have set up and manage several Support Groups which meet regularly and give our clients an invaluable way to connect with other people facing similar circumstances. In many cases we also recommend appropriate physical and wellbeing activity groups which have the huge added benefit of providing social interaction.

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Living with Parkinson's

We aim to provide holistic support to those with Parkinson's  their families, and carers. If we can't help you directly, we will find you someone who can.


There are many forms of activity which can be beneficial for those with Parkinson's. We have extremely good relationships with a number of specialist practitioners who run classes or physical therapy specifically for people with Parkinson's.  We will recommend appropriate activities to our clients when we have a good understanding of their specific situation and needs. 

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Help with benefits applications

We assist with applying for benefits including attendance allowance and universal credit, blue badges, grants, council tax, and carers' allowance.  The application process can be very daunting and our experience really helps. To date we have secured total annual funding of over £600,000.  The average benefit funding we achieve for people is approximately £5,300 per year.    Please see the note in the "Donate"page regarding donations which are essential to help us to continue to provide this and all of our other services. 

Links to other organisations

We work closely with other voluntary organisations and the statutory sector, so if we can't help you with something, we can contact them on your behalf.

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