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GDNF What Happened Next

Hello to all of you,


I just wanted to let you know that my next book ‘GDNF What Happened Next’ is now available at as either an e-book, paperback or hardback. It brings my GDNF and Parkinson’s experiences right up to date, here is a brief synopsis;


‘Andy had been Participant 066 in the ‘failed’ Bristol GDNF trial to see if his Parkinson’s could be slowed, stopped, or reversed. Unbelievably, his had been reversed and then his ‘cure’ was taken away.


Distancing themselves from the fallout of a ‘failed’ experiment the scientific world abandon the participants with no planned aftercare and an experimental device still implanted within their brains.


Andy continues his personal GDNF journey whilst coming to terms with the repercussions of the trial and the increasingly downward spiral that his own Parkinson’s takes.


In the mean while the GDNFer’s relentlessly pursue their hopes for a new trial, asking the questions no one wants to answer and trying to persuade the experts to reassess their thinking.


The Group unites the Parkinson’s world with a nationwide event they organise, which raises money and awareness of neurotrophic factors, such as GDNF. The Group slowly begin to earn the respect of science, their knowledge and experiences are valued by some researchers and the GDNFer’s  help to shape two major clinical trials they ask for a seat at the table of all things GDNF, but are still not welcomed by some.


The group become involved in the design for a possible new GDNF trial, but it is a rocky road and who knows if they  will reach the destination and if they do, when?


Are they being unreasonable?


Are they asking for too much?


Regular viewers of my posts will know of some of the many, many events / incidents that have occurred during my GDNF journey. Some happy, some sad, scary, worrying, upsetting we have covered most emotions.


To find out what actually happened go to  and search for ‘GDNF What Happened Next by Andy Rollin’. Available as an ebook, softback and hardback. All proceeds going to the fund.


Thanks for reading this.


Best wishes,


Andy Rollin

Andys original book "GDNF What happened to me" is still available from Kevin at Face2Face Parkinson's.

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