At a time when everything seems to be moving towards internet and telephone support, it is clear from many discussions with clients that this risks isolating those who do not have access to the internet, may find the thought of contacting an unfamiliar person daunting, or discussing sensitive or delicate issues over the phone/internet uncomfortable or undignified, or maybe cannot use the phone or internet due to physical limitations.

It is also well known that most communication is non-verbal, with words only playing a small part of the true message. Without the expressions, body language and tone, so much can be missed or misconstrued especially over the phone, internet, text, and email.

We are convinced that in the move towards technical provision of services there should be exceptions for those whose conditions would be more likely to isolate them rather than benefit them. And Parkinson’s is certainly one of those conditions which for some, will always need face-to-face support. Our vision is to ensure that free face-to-face support remains available to anyone who’s lives with Parkinson’s, MSA, PSP or CBD from diagnosis onwards.



Listening to the people living with Parkinson's

96% of people in a survey from the Bristol Parkinson's branch said they preferred face-to-face support to online and/or telephone support.



The Passion Behind Face2Face Parkinson's

Our three directors have over 40 years of combined experience and are highly passionate about providing personalised support to people living with Parkinson's.

Most importantly, we are driven by people living with Parkinson's, or caring for someone with Parkinson's.



Founder and director

After working as a Parkinson's Local Advisor for 13 years, Kevin became concerned that current support for people living with Parkinson's was starting to lose its human touch, as it was quickly becoming almost exclusively online and telephone support. Knowing well the limitations of online and telephone support, particularly for people living with Parkinson's, he founded Face2Face Parkinson's with Nic and Kathryn who share the passion and always go the extra mile, or ten.


Personalised support

We currently provide our specialist support through home visits, advisory clinics, drop-ins with us, events, talks and appearances at Parkinson’s branches and groups, and phone calls.


Kevin Carter, our Independent Parkinson's Advisor, can now visit you at home for free if you are not able to attend one of our surgeries.  This has become possible thanks to the donations of our supporters.
Please contact us for further information.



There are regular drop-in clinics in many areas of Bristol and South Gloucestershire. It's best to contact us first to make sure there are still going ahead. We hope to put a calendar here soon for all the drop-in clinics.

Home Desk


We are driven by people passionate about providing comprehensive and personal support for people living with Parkinson’s. Whether you live with Parkinson’s, care for someone who does, have family and friends living with Parkinson’s, a healthcare professional or someone who works closely with people with Parkinson’s, we would welcome and hugely appreciate your input. Becoming a member is free, and you can make a difference to how we run our company.



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